The White Dress in final stages and other projects

Author: Wendy Harford

9 March 2021

I’ve finally reached the final stages of my White Dress. Both sleeves, a kerchief drop sleeve and a knotted with loose thread sleeve are now done. Runes have been embroidered at the base of the lace collar, a kerchief, drop pocket added and written words are currently in process. I also loose embroidered over the crayon prints to deepen the black and add dimension.

The written words include quotes such as ‘It is in the beauty of everyday that love lives’, ‘We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return’ ‘Love like the child, dance like the maiden, laugh like the mother, think like the crone’… and will be filled in with words of peace, love, dance, laugh, live… all positive upbeat reminders of our precious and beautiful time on Mother Earth.

I’ve started two personal projects too and I’m illustrating a children’s story for a dear friend to share with her grandchildren, and then I will get back to the illustrations of the Tree of Life, Celtic knot series for my own Great Granddaughter! Shared here are the current progress on: the horse skull, ‘Epona’ Horse Goddess, beaded and mosaiced in chain, recycled hearing aid batteries and other bits and pieces upcycled, gifted and shared with me; and ‘The BeeKeeper’ which in its own right as a painting and not an actual piece of clothing, will be dressed in honeycomb and bee’s dripping with golden honey… and is painted on an upcycled, old paper fan 6′ tall.

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