Step # 6 – Details!

9 February 2021

Have you ever wanted to tear everything you did of a project, and start all over again? Well – yesterday I was close to cutting up the Cape, and re-fashion it into a bolero vest. Today I decided to just finish the Cape, and let it be. I did some smocking on the shoulders, as well as some more decorating stitches on the inside.

There are several details, though, that need to be looked at closer. For example, the finishing of the neck – the white color is too strong. Perhaps I can paint it over with Coreopsis paint, or structure a complete new collar piece. Any way, the stitching I need to undo on the back.

The details on the bottom need figuring out as well. Perhaps some kind of closure – but what – considering it is a reversible piece.

Instead of just hanging over the shoulders, tacking the bottom of the “wings” would make some kind of sleeve – this looks more elegant.

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another beautiful creation!

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