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Author: Mieke de Bruijn

15 May 2020

Next step…finaly weaving again after 1 1/2 year…It’s such a wonderful feeling to have my little loom dressed again after such a long time. And this is what the ‘liberate your dream skirt challenge’ does to me. I’m so very happy, that I will be able to work for a whole year on this. It’s a linen warp. The yarn I bought from a weaving artist from Ghent who was stopping with weaving. Most of the yarns are about 30 years old…(there are stickers in the cones, with that kind of information on them) So not reusing….using what was leftover.

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A year ago I went to the textile museum in Tilburg and they told the art of weaving is “dying” because there are not may people left that know the techniques of the weaving machines they had. If I had lived in Tilburg I should have volunteerd to learn the use of those machines because it would be such a waste if nobody doesn’t know how to do this anymore. I love your weaving skills!!!

So sorry that the art of weaving is dyeing because of the complicated weaving technique. Yes, some people should go and learn. The Tilburg Textiel Museum is tops! Hands-on (feet-on) I learned about felt (the Museum gave clean raw wool for our boots on an icy day) and the connection between cardboard punch cards for damask weaving and computers. About Damask for the Royal Dutch House dinner parties – and more. Next time I am in Holland I will visit there again.

I can totally relate to the happiness of going back to something you love doing. You are so lucky to have gotten these “old” linen yarns – and the yarns look happy, too, in such a beautiful weave. ❤️

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