Author: Wendy Harford

26 January 2021

For more images of the project visit my website and Liberation Skirt Blog at The WHITE DRESS was inspired by an oversize white dress that was left in my rental room. It is t-shirt cotton, had a waist tie and simple sewn hem and finishes at neck and sleeves. I removed the waist tie, and for the first time ever I have done smocking under the arms and to the high waist to take in the extra fabric create a fitted look. One sleeve has been cut off for now, though I am not totally sure how I will finish the sleeves yet, possibly a kerchief knotted sleeve on one side and a cut – tied – beaded sleeve on the other side, who knows??? The hem is now complete sporting hand stitched kerchief triangles inspired by the first liberation skirts, but with a diamond point – alternating between black and white kerchief and hand crocheted lace triangles. The bodice top solid fabric was replaced with a hand crocheted simple white lace insert inspired by USA Supreme Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RIP). The dress will be mono printed with a few slogan/logos mostly black and white, and with hand written year 2020 quotes (For example ‘Me Too’, ‘Black Lives Matter’) My next work on the piece will likely be a crayon drawn, mono-print of the American Flag on the back panel of the dress and then horizontal cuts in the fabric and weaving of the loose, printed fabric. These mono-prints are created by drawing images in reverse, with wax crayon onto fine sandpaper, then ironed on with a hot iron. The text will be written on, using a variety of fonts, using black, fine point, permanent laundry markers. Some of the quotes may then be embroidered with black thread and thread left to hang unfinished. I may crochet a black, white, and red rose to attach somewhere and maybe add a black lace pocket(s). Next stage is cutting out the dress fabric behind the hem inserts and finishing the edge. As my first project was, this is all being hand stitched, its more an ongoing meditation. In addition I am finally entering the final stage of my last Four Seasons – Summer Time, painting. While the Covid situation has been limiting socially and travel wise it has been very rewarding and productive with my little old ranch house completely resided with more efficient finish and new windows, my garden shed now has a door and siding going on to finish the once wide open front side, and I have two gallons of paint waiting to be applied to interior walls. Wishing you all the best in this New Year and new governance of the USA, with much inspiration, creative spirit and productivity.


Thank you so much Wendy! I also love the collar!


fascinating creation on bottom of the skirt…quite beautiful.

just a note….you need the word waist for the waist tie, etc. not waste.

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