Liberation Skirt Project #1

Author: Wendy Harford

19 October 2020

7 Applique now completed with two to go. The latest 3 completed are Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the pagan Triple Goddess, and a tribute to Black Lives Matter. There are two more to applique and then this project will be done. I’m still visioning the last two; the US Statue of Liberty, and Greta Thunberg as a representative of the responsibilities of todays youth, the lessons we have taught them and the world mess we have left them.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the 2nd female Supreme Court Justice, recently passed but was an amazing woman and left us a wonderful legacy of conquests from her life pursuit of the law and our US Constitution, her white lace collars worn with her judges robe were symbolic of the feminine and strength and some even had special meaning for the occasion worn. I constructed her out of cut out deer hide, her hair is recycled bits of embroidery thread, I drew on her eye glasses with a fine tip pen and painted on her shoes, her lace collar was a clipping from a lace doily and she carries a large book titled ‘Dissent’ made of a piece of tanned leather and white plastic for pages.

I consider myself pagan and had planned to add the crone and child next but was reminded by a friend of the pagan and wiccan triple goddess representing the maiden and waxing moon, mother and full moon, crone and waxing moon so that was the next inspiration. The goddess with her 3 faces and 6 arms was cut from one piece of soft, fine suede and painted then drawn on tattoo symbols relating to the goddess and above her head is the triple goddess symbol of the 3 moon stages. In her hands she holds fire, water, and air embroidered on, she stands on earth, the Earth and a vine grows up from the earth and around her as the web of life. Within the moon/goddess symbol is the Triquetra symbolic of many beliefs, earth – sea – sky, air – fire – water, and the Triple Goddess…

Up next is ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ as our USofA struggles with ongoing racism, voter suppression, and a terrifying resurfacing of white supremacist’s. She is cut from one piece of black suede and dressed in a skirt from a native tie dye pattern, and t-shirt swatch, her running shoe is painted on, and her hair is made from a base of crocheted embroidery thread then covered in hand stitched french knots. She is on one knee symbolic of a recent occurrence at a ball game demonstrating, sorrow, respect, and recognizing victims. The raised fist, or the clenched fist, is a universal symbol of solidarity and support. It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, defiance, or resistance. In the 60’s and 70’s ‘BLACK POWER’ was the call and movement and I find it so sad and maddening that we really haven’t come very far for equality and reparation.

Next up the US Statue of Liberty and a tribute to our world youth and activism through Greta Thunberg of Sweden.

2 Replies to “Liberation Skirt Project #1”

Awesome! Each is so well characterized with the small typifying touches. Look at the BLM action in the girl and the steadiness of RBG. The symbols on the hippy. I love this, Wendy!

Oh that was the Goddess, not the hippy. Also look at the BLM girl’s shoes. 🙂

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