Liberation Skirt Project #1. The Story Continues

Author: Wendy Harford

6 September 2020

The story continues with an appliqued self portrait of my younger years growing up in Southern California in the 60’s. I call it ‘Flower Child’. My first sketches for the costumes were too large so are now being resketched as ready to create to fit the exact location on the skirt. This applique, as was ‘The Red Dress’ is on one of the oversized pockets.

I am managing about one applique costume every 2 weeks, with other home projects and paintings in process. Next up an African American Suffragette all in white and white lace, with the traditional purple and yellow sash.

2 Replies to “Liberation Skirt Project #1. The Story Continues”

Monique Sidy

Some interesting pages in “The Bureau of Public Secrets!”

Monique M Sidy

Very Cool! Reminding me… of those times…. ☮️

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