Liberation Skirt Project # 1 and # 2 by Wendy Harford June 2020

Author: Wendy Harford

19 June 2020

As an environmentalist and student of eco-psychology most of my art is rooted in nature imagery and texture. In addition I am Pagan and refer to Gaia or Earth Mama in almost all of my work from lighted towers of 7′ or more, to Faerie Fountains, and large Magical Realism paintings and sculptures of wildlife. Wands, wall sconces, and jewelry all reflect my close connection to life on earth.

I find this project very inspiring because it allows me to work with fabrics and techniques not so often used in my art. I have bits and pieces of international fabrics saved from smoke and fire damage, including batiks, grass weaving’s, silks, embroidery and more. In addition it allows me to recycle, renew, reuse fabric and clothing discarded because of a flaw. As all humans are made of many and different swatches of skin tones and imperfectly flawed I find it fitting and liberating to experiment and create in this fashion and I thank our Hosts and Guides for this shared opportunity, and can’t wait to see what all the other artists are inspired to create!

Liberation Skirt Project # 1. Full length wrap around skirt with appliqued, international costumed figures.

Using bits and pieces of recycled fabrics I will create a wearable and displayable skirt that will express for me these times we live in. Here in the United States, of diversity and unrest, unhealed discriminatory practices, the disappearance and loss of female lives. After 30+ years of my adult life spent in Western British Columbia, Canada, coming back to the South West has given me culture shock in the ways that people are still identified here by color, by race, by riches, so much beautiful diversity, so little acceptance, common sense and respect. I am using my skirt project to tell a story that will include, in particular; the white dress of the Women’s Suffragette movement, the Native Canadian and American REDress project for their lost women and girls, and hippy, denim, flared bell bottom pants representing my generation and the Flower – Peace – Love movement, as well as a diversity of racial color and costume representation.

Liberation Skirt Project # 2. Upcycled, recycled stained dress left behind in my rental.

I was going to hand paint the dress because of some faint staining, but then this project came along and I am inspired to use monoprint, crayon slogans and graphics of our times, in black, red, yellow and more families of those shadeds. Because it is t-shirt fabric I can cut and drop the shoulders, shag the hem and possibly add an over sized pocket or two. Slogans currently considered are: Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Make Love Not War, Peace, Freedom, Red is the only color the spirit can see, Walking with our Sisters and more. Images known to use to date include multi colored raised fists, the Hopi Maze of Life, the Ankh – fertility symbol, Celtic Sister Knot, Peace Sign, Gay Pride Rainbow and more.

If you have any suggestions for symbolic text or images for #2 please do share them with me.

4 Replies to “Liberation Skirt Project # 1 and # 2 by Wendy Harford June 2020”

Wow Wendy – A Global Skirt! With so many stories. Can’t wait to see.

I am so curious and exhited! I love the ideas and had a good time visiting your website. I wish I could go for a walk with you. But looking at the pictures I thought we have a whole year to take eachother out and show were and how we live, what we love and what we do to heal in these transition times. I read your line that the spirit only can see red text and was curious about that. Maybe you can tell me more about it. xxx

Diane Baker

Beautiful thoughts and creativity. I’m excited to see your story unfold!

Enjoying your songs and words and singing from your website. ⭐️

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