Liberation Skirt Project #1 – 3rd Applique

Author: Wendy Harford

11 September 2020

Applique # 3 of 8 for my Liberation Skirt! Suffragist or Suffragette, Suffrage started in the UK. It has also been stated that the US movement started as Suffragists but many became more active and militant and were termed Suffragettes. Whichever, whatever this applique for my Liberation Skirt Project is a tribute to strong, intelligent women willing to stand up and sacrifice everywhere in the world!

It is made from a single vintage handkerchief and other recycled bits and pieces and is hand sewn and fabric glued where stitching could not do the job. Except for maybe the ‘Nasty Women’ signage is authentic and taken from different photos during the Suffragist movement in the US.

Unfortunately we are now on the verge of needing to renew this movement along with the marches and protests of the 1960’s!

the right to vote in political elections.
“universal adult suffrage” · [more]
franchise · right to vote · voting rights · the vote · enfranchisement · ballot · voice · say · option · choice
a vote given in assent to a proposal or in favor of the election of a particular person.
“the suffrages of the community”
a series of intercessory prayers or petitions.

5 Replies to “Liberation Skirt Project #1 – 3rd Applique”

Monique Sidy

Love this!

Thank YOU Much, still under construction somewhat hear, kinda exhausting but quieter now at least and as you can see forging ahead! How are you doing?


Love this🧵👍💟

Thank YOU! Ive been busy volunteering for our election, that and ongoing construction has things rather busy round here, but can’t wait to take a day to review this website and everyone’s accomplishments!

Thank you so much for your work done here and all your life! I love reading the stories!

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