Author: Wendy Harford

23 November 2020

DONE! I have completed what I hope to be 1 of 2 planned projects. My 1st ever Liberation Skirt wearable art piece inspired by this group and I Thank YOU for the invite to learn and participate. My final two female applique are Greta Thunberg and Lady Liberty, more has been shared on that in the blog posting on this site, and on my own personal blog of this journey at

I finished the applique with pagan symbols and images that I hope encourage exploration of each appliques story. I first thought the project done with the applique of the symbols and then, while packing up the left over fabric scraps found the length of lace that had been used as cut outs here and there on the figures, with some repair, and one splice, and short an inch it gave the hem a perfect length and finish. I am very pleased with the results, but have no idea where I might wear this accept as suggested by several friends as a Ceremonial costume.

Next up for Project #2 is The White Dress, all I know of it right now is that I will incorporate hand crocheted triangles in the hem, some lace scraps in the bodice and crayon mono prints of protest symbols and quotes! This white dress was left in my rental awhile back, a few minor stains and over-sized for me, but doable with all the options we have been learning about here!


Thank you so much for sharing this proces on the website! And yes I hope you will wear it whenever the day ask for a strong womans voice. xxx

Awesome, amazing and inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing this. It reminds me of the Ray Charles song ‘None of us are Free’. Someone has to start the unchaining process, even if it is only in the mind. Diane


Hi Wendy!
Your skirt took my breath away; it is so beautiful!
Forget wearing it as a costume, wear it daily and proudly! 😉
You are my inspiration, I bow to you. I have so many ideas in my head, which one day will translate to my skirt.
You are an amazing artist and I am so glad you are part of our group!

Amazing and rich story-telling. Congratulations on finishing this beautiful skirt. Saskia


WOW!!! MIND BOGGLING CREATION ! Wendy, it’s perfect, you should wear it…especially on
special occasions. a beautiful skirt…great !

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