Liberation Skirt Project #1, 2020:

Author: Wendy Harford

7 July 2020

Progress on my #1 project for LBS continues slow but sure with skirt panels cut out (still not sure if 8 or 10 panels will be used) as well as over-sized pockets. I’m blanket/stay stitching a frayed hem and seams and hope to do some Drawn Thread lace above the hem and on the over-sized pockets, but first need to complete embroidering the panels together, cold washing and blocking, and plotting the appliqued costumed paper dolls.

Over the next few weeks I am going through preliminary and then left eye surgery so may not be quite so involved but will keep on slow but sure, post when I can, and get back on with the biweekly Group 2 Zoom meetings!

Just a reminder note, all fabrics used are recycled, even the linen skirt base which was rescued from a dumpster with water stains on it. The bits and pieces for costuming the applique dolls are a fire/smoke rescue from a friends house fire, and the embroidery thread I am putting it all together with was rescued from a hoarding situation and had to be sorted, washed, and untangled…

Tuesdays remain my day set aside for the LSP and I will try to post progress on the following Wednessdays.

Thank YOU ALL for your inspiration and sharing as we go through this wonderful process together.

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