Final Submission

Author: Inge Duran

4 May 2021

A year of toil turns into a finished garment.

I cannot believe this 1 year project has come to an end. Where my life has gone through so many changes, I felt the project was my one constant every other week. The same smiling faces, the same reassurances, the sharing of anguish with the state of the world that day, while all uniting around a common goal.

In this one year I built a home, sold a home, moved, worked from home, refurbished a home, and tried to find my way around a 166 sq km island. Family and friends went through losses and grief, and the news started each day on a negative note almost the entire 365 days we had this community that lifted us up when we needed it most.

I first designed a skirt, which turned into a dress, a second and third variation of a dress, which turned into a jumper. I was indecisive about my fabric, my finishes, my design and every little thing in between. I was not confident in my sewing or designing skills, and if I am honest, I did not start my pattern till about one month ago. But it was all part of the process. My process. A process of growth and self-love.

For my final garment I chose a plain white cotton fabric bought by my grandmother in 1957, and sent to me by my Mom in Germany. The decorative handmade border at the neckline was from a vintage table cloth bought at an attic sale, which I turned into table mats for our new home. I had just enough of a remnant to finish the neckline of my jumper. The embroidery was done by me, on a windy sunny Sunday afternoon, the quote on a Monday foggy morning. I chose the dandelion flower because it brings me back to my childhood days, of joy and wonder and magic. As a class we had discussed the idea of adding a crown, which I did, constructed out of local dune grasses and shrubs. This is my final submission for hope for the future. For less waste, less pollution, less fast-fashion, less damage to mother earth but instead more love, more kindness, more healing, more forgiveness, more compassion and faith in humanity.

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Thank you so much Inge! I love it! xxx

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