Liberate your dream skirt challenge

A challenge for students & lovers of sustainable & conscious fashion: Make a liberation skirt or outfit. Read more…

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Final Submission

A year of toil turns into a finished garment. I cannot believe this 1 year project has come to an end. Where my life has …

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A Brand New Skirt

Soon it will be May 5 – Holland liberation Day, by which the Liberation Skirt Project was inspired and to which is was dedicated. My …

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The White Dress in final stages and other projects

I’ve finally reached the final stages of my White Dress. Both sleeves, a kerchief drop sleeve and a knotted with loose thread sleeve are now …

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Liberation Skirt Project #@: The White Dress

Progress on The White Dress. I opened the back with unhemmed or stitched horizontal cuts, then braided from shoulder to center and down the back. …

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Step # 6 – Details!

Have you ever wanted to tear everything you did of a project, and start all over again? Well – yesterday I was close to cutting …

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Please write a little note to Marijke, when you want to join the challenge

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